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On one side, raw beauty with secluded bays, on the other, a luxury resort dear lady breakfast chef, whose name I unfortunately forgot — you were so right. I never never ever had such a stunningly good French toast for breakfast again. And everything surrounded by the crystal-clear, Caribbean sea.

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When I recall my time there, in my mind I can feel the bitter-sweet taste of the excellent home-made ginger lemonade, I can dig my feet into the white sand, eat fish tacos for lunch in a beach restaurant, and after lunch get a good massage in one of the best wellness areas of the world, before bringing myself back to life by jumping into an infinity pool from my oasis of relaxation. Life is good. And life on Peter island is even a little bit better.

In these typically American, colourfully painted deck chairs I watch the sunset, and it feels like the world as well as a zillion of other BVI islands is at my feet. A fish BBQ on the beach concludes my fantastic day. The guys give everyone a beer, instead of the sophisticated Sauvignon Blanc, they laugh and joke, and I become part of the cordial crew for the time of the ride. We agree to meet at a boat fair in my home city, where the guys perform on stage as THE attraction at a Caribbean party.

Pinch me, the world is so small. I am sure one day we will see each other again … since you are simply incredible, you fantastic spot of land with your amazingly likeable people! The best way to get to this incredible place?

There are those moments when I can hardly believe my luck.

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Hello life — are you great, or what! Yes, sometimes I am really the lucky one. We think so, at any rate. It was some time at the end of the 80s? Yes of course, the country with the canal. But nobody knows that Panama City is a really individual, charming international metropolis.

I became aware of this when I got a lot of questions about an Instagram picture. I thought you were in Panama? Why are you standing in front of skyscrapers? Look for accommodation through AirBnB. I have never found such an enormous choice of private apartments with the wow effect anywhere before. Right on the seafront. From my bed I could enjoy the sunrise. During the day I could see the ships waiting to enter the Panama Canal.

And фонбет индивидуальный тотал the evenings I could enjoy the sunset, with a sundowner in my hand, from our balcony. Before my trip to Panama I was already a big AirBnB fan — but this apartment put everything I had experienced before in the shade ok, the AirBnB house in Puerto Rico — click — was bewitchingly beautiful.

We booked it at home and picked up the key at the reception desk. Really easy. My own little apartment in Panama City.

I am enamoured of the AirBnB approach unique accommodation run by local suppliers and can highly recommend it to anyone. If you want to go there to eat, take a taxi right to the restaurant and back afterwards.

All the locals, from taxi drivers to restaurant owners, impressed upon us from the start not to wander round the dark lanes at night.

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Yes, but if you are looking for cheap designer clothes you will be disappointed. A summary of my city trip to Panama City: Here I sit. In the middle of a long-cherished dream.

And as I look over my sun lounger and blink at the innumerable little islands surrounding me, I try to realize that in this moment, my dream has become reality. I am freak about certain things. I always have been.

At some point, I could hardly have been older than 10, I saw a report about the British Virgin Islands. I had no idea what or where they were, but I was fascinated by what I saw.

Endless white beaches, palm trees, and water so clear that you could peer right through it to watch the fish swimming around under the surface. My submissions were probably disqualified sheerly because they were written by a child, for whom such a dream destination would be too far off. The melodious name of the islands swirled around in my head for years, but it faded and was almost forgotten after a while.

Then, when we sailed through the southern Caribbean two years ago click here and commented on how unbelievably beautiful the BVIs short form of the British Virgin Islands were, my old love for the islands was rekindled.

Already as we were preparing for our trip to Puerto Rico in March of this year click heremy eyes were drawn to the right side of the map. Situated to the east of Puerto Rico and a little further east than their larger U. Just take the plunge! Seize the day. A spontaneous side trip from Фонбет ком мобильная версия вход Rico right into my childhood dream.

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